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Seedlings for 2005

RB731 First Bloom Seedling First bloom seedling
Phalaenopsis Woody Carlson

Little Pink Doris 'Orinda'
Rousserole 'Crown'
A beautiful light pink Little Pink Doris with a fantastic inflorescence habit is here mated with a very dark, heavily spotted f3 Rousserole. Expect dramatic exhibition multiflora plants bearing a profusion of spotted flowers. This hybrid is being named to honor E. J. Woody Carlson who has contributed to the orchid world for over 50 years. Woody originally registered Little Pink Doris. (If you click on the thumbnail photo of Little Pink Doris above, it will show a picture of the plant with two branching inflorescenses, and 60-80 flowers. This is typical.)


RB768 First Bloom Seedling First bloom seedling
Dtps. (Leopard Prince X Phal. stuartiana)

Dtps. Leopard Prince 'Norman'
Phal. stuartiana v. punctatissima 'Larkin Valley' AM/AOS
Spots, spots and more spots. Here the vigorous, free-blooming Leopard Prince is mated back to the spotted form of Phal. stuartiana. Expect vigorous, free-blooming plants with a mass of intensely spotted flowers. Handsome foliage.


RB782 Phalaenopsis Safe

Carmela's Spots 'Orinda'
Rousserole 'FANGtastic'
A remake of a great spotted cross; it is Safe because both parents are half Frisson, and each is half a grainy, (or spotted) dark pink. Expect excellent spotted flowers from this mating.


RB811 First Bloom Seedling First bloom seedling
Phalaenopsis Granite Creek

Mouchette 'Paris'
Maki Watanabe 'W'
I originally got Mouchette 'Paris' with the Shaffer Collection in 1986; at that time, it had already proven it's ability as a parent, imparting size, substance, and often allowing the best characteristics of the other parent to come through. Mated here with a very light pink Maki Watanabe that has some yellow in the lip, I expect large, beautifully formed flowers of white to light pearl pink, with large open lips, variously spotted with red and yellow. If you like the type, this will be hard to beat. Both parents have dramatic carriage.

Community Pot - $30.00, A - $5.00, B - $10.00, Plug Tray - $144.00


RB852 First Bloom Seedling First bloom seedling
Dtps. Memoria Sue McLain

Fureshing Pretty 'Lover' AM/AOS
Montclair King 'Blue Velvet'
An interesting novelty. Should produce some very dark flowers with heavy substance and good form. The pod parent is Hwafeng Redjewel X Minho Princess, and the pollen parent is King Shiang's Beauty X Ida Fukumura. Three out of five of the first-bloom seedlings had exceptionally dark color.


RB886 Phalaenopsis Glad Dawn

Be Glad 'Jupiter'
Dawn Treader 'Echo Valley' AM/AOS
A remake of a great multiflora hybrid done by Alan Koch at Gold Country Orchids, (using different parents.) This one should feature primarily white flowers having yellow lips lightly spotted with red. Prolific bloomer, compact plants.


RB1063 Doritaenopsis Pimlico Pride

Golden Pride 'Hugo Freed' HCC/AOS
Dtps. Red Elf 'Lenette #4' HCC/AOS
A remake of a great “red” hybrid registered by HP Norton. Expect Red Elf to be dominant, but some size and color from the large, flat Golden Pride should come through. These plants are half fasciata, where the strong orange color in Golden Amboin and Solar Flare comes from. Very limited quantities are available.

Community Pot - $30.00

RB1108 Phalaenopsis (Be Glad X Sand Pebbles)

Be Glad 'Orchid Classic' AM/AOS
Sand Pebbles
This should prove to be an excellent spotted multiflora hybrid. Expect varying degrees of spotting or blush on small to medium sized flowers, mostly with good red lip color. This hybrid represents a convergence of the lines of breeding of the late Herb Hager and Woody Carlson. [Note: the photo of Sand Pebbles is of a different clone than the one used to make this hybrid.]

Community Pot - $30.00

RB1110 Phalaenopsis Glad Dawn

Be Glad 'Orchid Classic' AM/AOS
Dawn Treader 'Echo Valley' AM/AOS
Another remake of Glad Dawn, this one should produce darker flowers with a higher percentage of red lips and pink blush. Excellent, highly recommended. Both parents represent the breeding efforts of the late, (Great) Herb Hager.

Community Pot - $30.00

RB1112 First Bloom Seedling First bloom seedling 1
RB1112 First Bloom Seedling First bloom seedling 2
RB1112 First Bloom Seedling First bloom seedling 3
Phalaenopsis Santa Cruz Sweetheart

Nobby's Amy 'Shih Hua' AM/AOS
Dawn Treader 'Echo Valley' AM/AOS
Expect high-quality multifloras from this hybrid. Both parents are very similar in appearance from slightly different lines of breeding. Nobby's Amy has Be Glad as a parent, Dawn Treader has Be Glad as a great-grandparent through Gladrose. Expect white flowers with central pink blush and strong yellow lips. Vigorous. Highly recommended.

These are now flowering, and I haven't seen a bad one yet; thus once again proving that Herb Hager was a special Phal breeder. This cross is three-quarters Herb Hager in terms of the background breeding. One grandparent is the influential parent Be Glad, another grandparent is the influential Be Glad hybrid, Gladrose. Every seedling so far has ranked its flowers, there are three first bloomers with eight flowers or buds; most of these came out of flask in November of 2004.

Community Pot - $30.00, A - $5

Genealogical chart


Hilo Dawn Example Example
Phalaenopsis Hilo Dawn

Dawn Treader 'Echo Valley' AM/AOS
Hilo Lip 'LG3423-2'
Remake of a hybrid done at the Orchid Zone; we are looking for primarily light pink flowers with varying amounts of yellow on the lips. The Hilo Lip was used as a pollen parent to avoid the metabolic issues that often come with Hilo Lips (poor disease resistance and lack of vigor from inbreeding.) The Hilo Lip also has excellent conformation; the petals almost touch.


RB1140 First Bloom Seedling First bloom seedling 1
RB1140 First Bloom Seedling First bloom seedling 2
RB1140 First Bloom Seedling First bloom seedling 3
Phalaenopsis Mambotris

Mambo 'WO8664-3'
equestris v. Ilocos '#1'
Expect miniature flowers mostly in yellow or orange, but also possibly in "red", pink or purple. Similar to Ambotris, except with stronger yellow color and slightly smaller. Some clones will be fragrant. Extremely vigorous. Will start flowering on small plants, and will be ever-blooming on mature plants. The Ilocos form of equestris is small, and I expect these plants will stay rather small. (I made the Mambo used in this cross in 1986 using parents exhibiting strong yellow color.)

Community Pot - $30.00, A - $5.00

RB1162 First Bloom Seedling First bloom seedling
Phalaenopsis Cotton Ball

Be Glad 'Orchid Classic' AM/AOS
Little Pink Doris 'Orinda'
A remake of a Woody Carlson hybrid, this one uses colored clones, (the original cross used white with yellow lip variants.) Both parents are half Cassandra, and in the original cross, many progeny were small. These parents are large for their respective grex, I expect a good chance for larger selections from this mating. We are looking for light pink flowers with red, pink or possibly orange lips. Dramatic carriage, multiple branches. Vigorous.

Phal Cotton Ball 'RB1162-1' Of course, the first one to flower is white a yellow lip ... but the second one is pink with a reddish lip. Is this not the cutest little Phal you have ever seen? That is a three-inch clay pot in the photo.

Community Pot - $30.00

Seedling Sizes:
A - 3 to 5 inches leaf spread,
B - 5 to 8 inches leaf spread,
C - over 8 inches leaf spread.

Many plants first flower on size B plants,
however do not reach their potential until mature.

We actively cull our seedlings, so if it has previously flowered, it will be average or better quality. Please request unflowered seedlings if you prefer to receive seedlings that have not flowered yet.

Community Pots are planted out at 8-15 plants, (12 plants nominal), depending on the size of the plants, which usually are about 2 to 4 inch leaf spread when potted. Please contact me before ordering if the quantity or size of plants is an issue for you, so we can make sure that you get what you want.
Pricing for community pots (unless specified otherwise in the description of the cross), 1-10 comm-pots: $30 ea., 10+ comm-pots: $25 ea.

Plug Trays are planted at 72 plants per tray, but often will contain a couple less due to attrition. The larger the plants, the higher the probability the tray will be a few short. Plug Trays are usually made up from seedling trays as required, but I usually have a few plug trays pre-planted. Please contact me for price and availability.


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