Photo Gallery

Welcome to the new Robert Bedard Horticulture Photo Gallery. After two years, I finally managed to get nearly up-to-date on my scanning.

Categorizing orchids by type is problematic because there is always a good deal of overlap ... therefore, you will sometimes find things in categories that you may not have placed them in. Sometimes, you will find a picture in more than one category.

  • Species - Species from Phalaenopsis and related genera
  • Primaries - Primary and near-primary hybrids of Phals and relatives
  • Standards - Mostly Pinks and Spots
  • Artshade - Yellow, Orange and Red complex Phal hybrids
  • Multiflora - Phalaenopsis miniature and multiflora hybrids
  • Peloric - Phals exhibiting various forms of peloria
  • Misc Genera - Other genera, Angraecoids, Bulbophyllums ...

When you click a Category in the top frame above, a list of thumbnails of the available images in that category will display down the left frame of the browser. When you click one of those thumbnails, a larger image of that cultivar will appear in this frame. For those of you with smaller monitors, I allow the frame borders to be resized, so once you load a category, you can adjust the size of the top frame of the frameset down to nothing and reduce the left frame to just wide enough for the thumbnails, which increases the size of this display frame. This gallery really begins to look its best at 1024 x 768 or better video resolution. When displaying on video card and monitor combinations that are running 800 x 600, it is helpful to configure your browser to hide as many of the toolbars as possible, or if your browser supports it, to run in full-screen mode (in Internet Explorer, you can use F11 to switch between modes.)

I would like to thank the other growers and photographers who have allowed me to use their excellent photographs in order to illustrate plants that I have acquired as small stems, and have yet to flower; or in other cases, where I have neglected to take photographs, or pollinated the flowers before I had a chance to get photos ... I would like to thank Peter Lin of BigLeaf Orchids, Eric Goo of Phoenix Orchids, Scott and Nancy Collins of Echo Valley Orchids, Terry Root at the Orchid Zone, Eric Hunt at and Charles Ufford, for the use of their fine photos on this site.

I would like to apologize for the quality of my photography; I have been experimenting with different light sources and film, I believe that I am now on the right track ... and in some cases, for the flower quality ... in many cases, the plants pictured here are first-blooms, but are pictured here in the spirit of sharing information, not as representing them at their best. Please do not fault my plants for my own shortcomings ... or my eagerness to share.

Robert Bedard
December, 2005