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About my Work

Much of the work I have done professionally lies inaccessible behind corporate firewalls. Below are links to sites I have designed that you can view, and descriptions of projects that you won't be able to view, unless you are employed by the company they were done for.

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CCAS-Holden.org CCAS-Holden.org
In 1973 I graduated from this school, which was called Holden at that time. In the last 30 years, Holden and then CCAS have helped hundreds of individuals that otherwise might not have had an appropriate environment to realize they HAD potential, let alone realize that potential ... in that regard, it is still the same place I graduated from almost thirty years ago. Congratulations and the best of luck to CCAS as it rolls into the fourth decade of providing a true alternative.
InstrumentsForKids.org InstrumentsForKids.org
Instruments for Kids is an innovative program with the goal of filling an ongoing need to put musical instruments into the hands of an estimated 1,600 4th - 8th grade children with only a desire to play. Instruments for Kids is supported in part by The Stocker Family Foundation, The Community Foundation of Santa Cruz County, Santa Cruz City Schools, California Arts Council and the Cultural Council of Santa Cruz County. Site includes custom CGI script to handle instrument donations.
VetsHall.org VetsHall.org
The Santa Cruz Veteran's Memorial Building Website features descriptions of their facilities and services, a schedule of weekly classes and programs, and a calendar of special events. I redesigned this site based on materials from an exisitng site. Part of the design specification was to make the site schedule and calendar pages maintainable by the non-web-developer owner.
KUSP.org KUSP Auction On-line Catalog 2001 & 2002
This was in interesting project. I generally receive this at the last minute, and have vitually no time to crank out the 1000 item catalog. Fortunately, I was able to get a copy in FileMaker Pro format, and export fields that I needed in a format that I could read with Perl scripts. I wrote a Perl script that generated a single web page from the auction database, and then manually broke it into eleven pieces (2001). I really did not have the time to create the fifty or so pages that really should have been done. Maybe next time ... (2002 Update: This year I altered the script to create the fifty pages, one per hour; much better performance.)
Hapa.com Hapa.com
The Hapa website features one-minute MP3 clips of selected songs from their CDs, which you can order in association with Amazon.com. It also has PDF liner notes from their latest CD, which weren't ready when distribution began. It also features selected reviews and news clippings. There is a custom Perl script that collects e-mail IDs for a mailing list. [This site has now been taken over by somebody else, and completely changed. Virtually nothing exists of my previous site.]
Wave-Guide.org Wave-Guide
WaveGuide deals with the controversy surrounding Electromagnetic Radiation Bioeffects and Public Health Policy. There are a couple Perl scripts that access on-line databases of appliance exposure parameters and links to related websites. Recognized by Snap! with an Editor's Choice Award.
ActiveCitizenship.org Active Citizenship
I did this site on a very low buget for a friend. I utilized almost entirely client-supplied materials for this site, using the artwork from his book for his website. Check it out, it is a very good idea.
DeVor Roses DeVor Roses
This site for a wholesale Rose grower was in development when they filed for bankruptcy. It is unfinished, and a little coarse, but it shows a lot of interesting capabilities. It has an on-line catalog of Rose varities, and a couple tutorials based on customer collateral. It also has a demonstration of a secure, employees only section that allows sharing company information over the Internet; this example is a rudimentary inventory control application for managing rose varieties in several wharehouses from several locations simultaneously.
VLSLLP.com Vicenti, Lloyd and Stutzman
Vicenti, Lloyd and Stutzman is a southern California CPA firm. Their site was intended to promote their services, and to eventually allow for interaction with their clients. Currently it showcases their services and personnel, and has information about workshop enrollment. [This site is now being maintained by somebody else; but is still based on my original design.]
CutieBeauty.com CutieBeauty.com
Discount Beauty Supply Products on-line. Full-blown e-commerce solution. I consulted on the design of this site, did the artwork, and am training the owners in maintaining the site themselves. [Apparently defunct site. Domain record not currently pointing at a valid address.]
CellularProtector.com Cellular Protector
I did the original design for this site, which is now being maintained by somebody else. [Under construction 6-17-2001]


Many of the projects I have been responsible for, or involved with, have been during permanent positions, developing proprietary content. As such, most of my work cannot be used for demonstration purposes, as it lies behind corporate firewalls. Here are some brief descriptions of the projects that I have worked on in the last couple of years.

Perl CGI Programming
Have written code for several database access projects, including on-line catalogs, on-line shopping, administration tasks, real-time database access via web. This is real CGI Programming, not just hit counters and guest books. Check my on-line Rose Catalog at the DeVor Roses development site. Most recently, while working at Digex, (The World's Largest Managed WebHost), I wrote some internal web applications in Perl that allowed us to do shift reports, track hardware issues, and maintain a relational database of servers that were supposed to be in the backup solution. This application was a true multi-user application, with file locking.

Awanee Windows NT Domain
I recently designed and implemented a Windows NT Domain for the Government, Education and Health Development Organization at Oracle. It featured high fault-tolerance, automated backups of user data, and numerous automated scripts to make up for NT's inadequacies. Also developed several processes for loading NT Workstation, and fixes for the "image" our department was using to load workstations. Documented work-flow process for new arrivals, and made recommendations about remedies. Established Service Policies, and created self-help Web-site for Domain users that allowed new arrivals to get up to speed on their first day, and to promote the Service Policies. Also functioned as de-facto technical liaison with Corporate related to Infrastructure issues. Was instrumental in resolving several, ongoing name-resolution issues related to corrupted WINS tables. Established reliable, user-friendly print services.

NetWare and Windows NT Server Support and Crash Recovery
Installation, Support, and Disaster Recovery of Corporate mission-critical Servers.

Troubleshooting Login, network application and network printing issues in heterogenous environment, using NOS utilities and a Network General Sniffer Protocol Analyzer.

Network Integration
Integrated the Travel Desk (staffed by contractors) at National Semiconductor with National's Network, so agents could use their Sabre X.25 gateway, and National's Lotus Notes, through direct network connections, while addressing everybody's security concerns. This project also involved setting up a Windows NT server that connected to the X.25 gateway from another building over National's Ethernet, and had RAS connections for another outside vendor's product support. During this project, we tested the first Sabre Ethernet workstation, the first Sabre Windows 95 gateway, and were early adopters of the Prism client for NT.

Workstation and Server Backup Designs
Designed and implemented a system for the Government, Education and Health Development Organization at Oracle, that automatically backed-up all NT Servers, and all user data on a regular basis. Designed a system to backup approximately 150 PC and Mac clients to protect National Semiconductor LAN Division mission-critical data. Both systems utilized Windows NT Server.

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